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Sublimation blanks make our world more colorful


With our sublimation blanks and dye sublimation printing you can print a wide variety of items as gifts or promotional products. Simply print with photos, images or graphics for a great final product!

Get great rates depending on the volume and get great discounts!

What is sublimation?

The ink changes from solid to gaseous state penetrating permanently on it.

This sublimation technique is used on products made with specific fibers for this purpose or used on products coated with varnish with the type of material that contributes to their printing.

Sublimation will make the designs remain in the products permanently. 

Sublimation Instructions

Ceramic coffee mugs

1. Print the transfer in reverse.

2. Trim the transfer so it is slightly larger than the mug.

3. Wrap the transfer tightly around the mug ensuring there are no creases.

4. Secure the transfer in place using the heat resistant tape.

5. Configure your press.

6. Once the press is at temperature, insert the mug and close the press. 

7. Remove the mug from the press when the time has elapsed.

8. Remove the paper in one motion ensuring the transfer does not touch the mug once removed.

Sport Drink Bottles & Travel Mugs

1. Print transfer and trim to slightly larger than the bottle.

2. Remove any plastic lid.

3. Attach the transfer in position to the bottle, using a heat resistant tape. Wrap the bottle with regular copying paper.

4. Remove the bottle from the press and remove the transfer immediately. Allow to cool.

General Notes:

• Too much pressure will deform the metal.

• Do not “dunk” into water after pressing.

Jigsaw Puzzles

1. Cover the bottom rubber platen with protective paper or a Teflon sheet.

2. Remove protective plastic film from the jigsaw puzzles.

3. To ensure there is no moisture, hover the jigsaw puzzles and transfer paper under the heat press for 20 seconds.

4. Place the jigsaw puzzles face up on protective sheet.

5. Place the transfer face down on the jigsaw puzzles and smooth wrinkles.

6. Place the jigsaw puzzles onto the press with the imaging side face-up.

7. Cover with protective paper or Teflon sheet.

8. Press

Photo Crystals

1. Print the transfer. Do not mirror the image. Tape the transfer onto the white side of the crystal.

2. Place the crystal, imaging side face-up, onto the pad on the bottom of the press.

3. Cover the front of the plaque with a rubber pad.

4. Press.

Mouse Pads

1. Place teflon sheet onto the bottom rubber platen.

2. Place the mouse pad onto the teflon and pre-press for 10 seconds with the imaging side face-up.

3. Remove the mouse pad from the press and allow to cool. Watch out! The bottom of the mat will be a bit sticky when heated. Handle carefully when removing from the press.

4. Place mouse pad with imaging face up on to the teflon.

5. Place printed image face down onto the mat and press.

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