11oz. ORCA White Sublimation Ceramic Coffee Mug (36 pack) (GTA Warehouse)

11oz. ORCA White Sublimation Ceramic Coffee Mug (36 pack) (GTA Warehouse)

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11 Oz. ORCA White Sublimation Ceramic Mugs, perfect for personalized printing.Orca Coating ® has developed a proprietary coating that preserves the du...

11 Oz. ORCA White Sublimation Ceramic Mugs, perfect for personalized printing.

Orca Coating ® has developed a proprietary coating that preserves the duration of the photo image due to the powerful strength of the patented technology.


Products coated with our ORCA Coatings® are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and are incredibly long-lasting. This means that the colors of your image will not fade even after multiple cycles through a dishwasher! 

It is FDA and SGS certified and the most popular product among American and European customers.


International standards of green eco-friendly materials make ORCA a perfect choice for sublimation products. ORCA products are safe and healthy for any home- goods including ceramic coffee mugs, plates, tiles, and more.


ORCA coating features are harder quality than the other sublimation coating on the market. According to an SGS report, our ORCA coated mugs can withstand many cycles in a standard domestic dishwasher while images suffer minimal image degradation.


ORCA coating ensures a brighter color transfer method that other competing coatings cannot compare.


ORCA coating is a very stable property. Minimizing defect rates, uneven color or spreading is minimal.


ORCA coating will retain and intensify the original product luster and provides a smooth surface and comfortable touch.

With our ORCA coated products, we are confident that we have the best quality product in the industry at the best price. With our ORCA Coatings®, you will receive exactly what you deserve: the best.

Product Instructions:

These instructions are provided as a guideline and can be used as a useful starting point. Due to possible differences in equipment, we recommend that you conduct individual tests to obtain the best results using your own equipment.

Equipment: Mug Press

Image: Mirror

Temperature: 180°C

Time : 180 Seconds

Pressure: Medium

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2 months ago

I was googling everything and I found their website. I ordered the product (very very affordable price I must mention) and it was at my doorstep in 2 days. lightening fast service TBH. They reply to your emails quick and the shipping of your products is even faster. Order, Go to Bed, Wake up, Your order has arrived... Its just amazing !!!!!!! I wont even look at any other website. I have bookmarked them for life

Ron Hoard

2 months ago

Going on second order with them great service fast delivery plus first order had a couple broken cups they fix issue right away no hassle fast response, product is top quality excellent service time for second order and will keep ordering form them

I love it! Shipping was super fast! And the quality is awesome! I will definitely order again!

sandra seguin

5 months ago

fast delivery! order placed on friday.. monday order was on my doorstep ! very good quality product! will deff be my new supply store!!!

Gail Medeiros

10 months ago

Product is great! Order was processed very quickly and the delivery was amazingly fast that they had me ordering again within a week...(today). Hopefully I can have this order as quickly so I can continue with my crafting project! I recommend bookmarking this website as I have.