Sublimation Double Station Mug Heat Press Machine 11oz.

Sublimation Double Station Mug Heat Press Machine 11oz.

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Sublimation Double Station Mug Heat Press Machine 11oz.Advantage:Double-station, can transfer two mugs at one time.Double-station control circuit boar...

Sublimation Double Station Mug Heat Press Machine 11oz.


Double-station, can transfer two mugs at one time.

Double-station control circuit board.

Intelligent temperature control, long service life.

Two temperature display: fahrenheit and centigrade

Processing capacity can be checked.

Quantitative counting, you can preset processing capacity. When bulk processing, machine will warn you when arrives.

Machine comes with temperature  correcting function, that makes temperature on the screen the same to real temperature.


Voltage: 110V, 60HZ

Power: 280W+280W

Machine net weight: 5.6KG

Control Mode: LCD automatic control

Transfer Temperature: 180°C

Transfer Time: 90 Seconds

Transfer Mug Size: 11oz

This model does not include any additional accessories except for 11oz mugs.

    The video shows 5 in 1 model with additional accessories

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Amanda Hoffman

2 weeks ago

Haven’t opened my package yet but I’m super impressed with the speed of the order getting here I placed the order Saturday evening and it arrived today Tuesday morning that’s like two days super fast :) definitely will order again

Jay Strake

2 months ago

Excellent prices and delivery! Not one item was broken. Glad they suggested individual boxes.

The customer service is great, and super fast. Thanks

Tammy D (Tammerz)

6 months ago

Super fast processing and shipment arrived quickly and securely all the way to Northwest Territories. Very pleased to be supporting a Canadian distributor. Will definitely be buying from again really soon.

harout agigian

2 months ago

very good service and price, and amazing staff!