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How to make a bulk order for sublimation blanks?

Are you planning to order our products regularly and would like to get even better prices?!

You can get an additional discount depending on the frequency and volume of your purchases:

- Discount on the current order:

It is calculated based on the amount of your current order. 

- Cumulative personal discount.

We count all your purchases over the past 60 days, and you get a cumulative personal discount based on the amount of your previous purchases (not including taxes and delivery cost).

Each of your new order increases your cumulative discount for the next order.

Our calculation system selects the maximum discount between the current order discount and the cumulative discount

Please register before placing your order.

Amount of the current order or 

for the last

60 calendar days

$ 500
1 %
$ 5
$ 1000
2 %
$ 20
$ 2000
3 %
$ 60
$ 5000
4 %
$ 200
$ 7000
5 %
$ 350
$ 10000
6 %
$ 600

Your discount will be visible on the checkout page when placing an order.

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